Episode Non

Welcome friends to another… wait a second here…  Nevermind.  Some of you may have noticed that there was supposed to be an episode last week, but there wasn’t.  I was hoping to promise you a double episode this week, but it turns out the audio actually disappeared into the ether.  This always seems to happen when we record on John’s computer.  Coincidence?

Unfortunately we have nothing left as a backup, thus no episode last week.  And it was a good one, too.  Two hours, that’s right, two hours of pure entertainment!  Trust us, we’re professionals.

Episode highlights that I remember:

  • GTAV
  • Ellen Page
  • Danny McBride’s Career
  • Some sports
  • Why I’ve been in Orlando every weekend this month
  • Mitch Hedberg throwback
  • More Ellen Page

Juicy secrets may have been revealed.  John may have dropped some derogatory terms.  But you’ll never know!  If you want consistency, check out .bitblast:thepodcast!

Maybe we’ll do this right next time.  I don’t feel too bad, because one of my favorite (and first) podcasts had a rocky and sporadic start as well, but is still very much alive.  We are actually planning a special one for episode ten… whenever that comes around, as we still have to do episode nine.  We’ll be back… soon!

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